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Hopefully we'll have some good times in the present soon. Liz's Birthday Present 1 Venfuu Here Comes the Sun Here Comes the Sun Author's Note: Terra and Aqua are completely OOC in this story: Just getting that out of the way now. Ven also may be a bit: He sort of feels more like Roxas, but that's because he hasn't exactly had an easy life here? Fuu's Po VFuu was very much the quiet type, and it was something that had never really bothered her: She relished in her identity, even. when she'd peel open her blinds and look out into the sun, she'd wish that she wasn't so silent. In this timeline, they had finally won Sakura Kyoko ever—and had gotten her over to their side, so she'd stop bullying them all and help out with Walpurgisnacht (and Homura found that she'd come to rather like Sakura-san, once she'd gotten to know her and see a better side of her).

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