You cannot append records to an existing table during an import operation.

For more information about append queries, see the article Add records to a table by using an append query.

I'm working with a legacy Microsoft Access database that we've recently updated to use linked tables/SQL Server backend.

You can link tables from any Access database into Access 2007, regardless of the file format of the source database.

However, there are certain restrictions on the types of objects you can import from Access 2.0 or Access 95 databases.

This article describes how to create and run an update query.

You use an update query when you have to update or change existing data in a set of records.

I'm trying to set up an automated procedure that runs a Crystal report against an Access database.

The tables in Access are ODBC linked to an AS400 database.As a result, some of the data in the destination fields may be truncated (deleted).The section Restrictions on data type conversions lists the ways in which you can and cannot convert data types.What happens when you modify the structure of the underlying SQL Server table?What happens to the SQL Server table if you delete the linked table in Access?During the import operation, you can choose the objects you want to copy, control how tables and queries are imported, specify whether relationships between tables should be imported, and so on.