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After The News revealed his latest flame Wednesday, Sharpton told top aide Rachel Noerdlinger he was surprised by the response.

“His exact words to me were, ‘Rachel, I’m not announcing an engagement or a marriage,’ ” Noerdlinger said.

Since then, he’s been spotted around town with a bevy of gorgeous gals, including singer Foxy Brown and actress Lisa Raye.

He denied romancing those younger women but his latest squeeze — 35-year-old Aisha Mc Shaw — told the Daily News this week that she is the civil rights leader’s girlfriend.

This weekend, Aisha Mc Shaw was one of the most popular search trends online, with many people looking up information about Sharpton’s much-younger beau.

Al Sharpton and his girlfriend first made headlines in 2013, when the television host and civil rights leader started dating Mc Shaw.

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Akai Gurley’s mother and aunt reportedly demanded that Sharpton stay away from the man’s wake and funeral, not wanting the media attention he would bring.