To ask me to justify or defend my ten-year relationship with my husband along racial lines is unacceptable, and I won't play.That said, it is my personal relationship that made me react the way I did to this infographic.

Before all of you start yelling about how I’m wrong, just take a deep breath, have a calming sip of tea and acknowledge that nowadays, in our millennial generation, we are actively open and accepting to diversity in a way that our forefathers would have gagged at.

The very fact that you would even argue against me about the extent of our progress is evidence enough that we are concerned with acknowledging the inherent humanity and rights of all people.

You’re supposed to be able to discuss life’s more crass, indecent, and politically incorrect topics.

Even if your friends are of different races and ethnicities than you.

A Lamborghini is a rare sight in Union and that's why a white Lamborghini Gallardo valued at $200,000 seen cruising the streets recently turned so many heads.

However, Union police say the driver was a criminal with an elaborate scheme to get expensive sports cars, He's now in jail.

His neighbor, Bob Brown told News 4, "Well, he's a shyster, and should be in jail"Investigators say Rossell began dating women in Pennsylvania, Florida and Union, Missouri after meeting them through the dating website 'Plenty of Fish.' In each relationship, police say he convinced the women to buy cars in their name which he drove and later sold but claimed the vehicles were stolen.

Detective Sergeant John Biser told News 4 that the victim in Union uncovered the scheme "Located some credit cards in her name that she did not know about and then she located some federal IDs for her fiance that were a different name." Rossell told his victims he was a US Marshal and paramedic, and had a US Marshal identity card and ballistic vest. Meyers, Florida to buy the Lamborghini, Gallardo and a Corvette Z06, valued at ,000. He'd get out there and rev it up and I thought, 'my god what kind of a job does this guy have to buy a car like that." Police say Rossell was engaged to the victim in Union and had convinced her to buy a Cadillac Escalade, Ford Mustang Shelby and a Can-Am Spyder 3-wheeled motorcycle.

Times have changed, and the Briggses believe Madison is now far more accepting of interracial couples—a demographic trend that reflects what is happening in the nation overall.