BS was slightly more time consuming but better accepted than CA.

comparing and validating measurements of dependability attributes-63

To this aim, regular searches are performed in Pubmed and Embase.

The number of such systematic reviews has increased from none or one review per year in the beginning of the 1990s up to 85 in 2013.

This paper compares several methods of performing conjoint analysis when there is a large number of attributes.

National parks were described in terms of 17 attributes and 56 levels.

In other words, the absence of test bias is a necessary, but not a sufficient condition.

In a 2004's article, Lee Cronbach, the inventor of Cronbach Alpha as a way of measuring reliability, reviewed the historical development of Cronbach Alpha.

Reliabilities were assessed on both ratings and choices.

Surprisingly even with a large number of attributes, the full profile method consistently validated best.

When an indictor is expressed in terms of multiple items of an instrument, factor analysis is utilized for construct validation.