Refinancing consolidates all of your individual student loans, with different servicers and due dates, into one easy-to-manage loan.Refinancing usually also reduces your APR and the total interest you will pay over the life of your loans.“These are very aggressively priced and typically a much better rate than a loan you can take out when you’re in school,” said Brendan Coughlin, head of education and auto finance at RBS Citizens Financial Group.

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You can consolidate up to $60,000 in outstanding private or federal student loans.

Choose a variable or fixed rate at a 5-, 10- or 15-year term.

Your interest rate will be determined by your credit score or your cosigner's, whichever is greater.

Apply If you do not have at least four years of credit history, you can use a cosigner that meets the credit history, income and credit score requirements.

For both loans, you will be required to review the Application Truth in Lending Disclosure prior to submitting an application. Your interest rate will be determined by your credit score or your cosigner's, whichever is greater.

If you have a good credit history and a consistent income, it’s a good idea to explore your student loan refinance options as soon as possible.Although anyone with at least ,000 of student loans may be eligible to refinance, if you have of student debt and/or high interest rates on some or all of your loans, you should definitely consider refinancing.Not only will refinancing make your life easier—you’ll have one student loan payment to consider, not dozens—it will likely save you a huge amount of money.The company has refinanced 0 million in student loans since 2012.“And that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” said CEO Mike Cagney.To be considered for a private student loan, you must be a U. citizen or permanent resident age 18 or older, plus be enrolled in an eligible school at least half-time and pursuing a degree program.