All valves are available with metal-to-metal or soft seats.

In the face of change and political uncertainty, UK Construction Week’s main stage will host debates on the industry’s leading issues and trends, including the housing shortage, diversity, how to tackle the skills crisis, building in a pre and post Brexit Britain, and adopting modern methods of construction.

Commanding audiences of more than 300, the panel discussions will be anchored by leading journalists and industry commentators including architect and TV star George Clarke, award winning broadcaster Steph Mc Govern and renowned architecture critic Tom Dyckhoff, while the individual shows will explore sector-specific issues and solutions.

One fixture in the pictures that went round the world in the recent week of violent clashes outside a refugee shelter in Heidenau, Saxony, was the blue-and-yellow “Praktiker” sign, left over from the building’s days as a DIY center.

It was repurposed by local authorities at short notice after heavy rain turned the refugee tent camp in nearby Chemnitz into a mud pit.

Over 300 shelters will be shipped to Greece within a matter of days.

We have noticed a huge increase in enquiries from organizations in Europe during the summer, as a direct effect of the large stream of men, women and children fleeing to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea from the Middle East and from Africa." But innovative as they are, these units are not suited to the chilly winters of northern Europe, leaving authorities scrambling for alternatives.

Polaris is the ATV that redefined an entire industry with a long list of innovations,copied by many,but duplicated by none.

Safety is now a major issue with the use of such vehicles by both farmers and crofters and that Polaris have a range of vehicles, design features and fitments which are intended to give greater protection to users.

Deep cleaning your carpet is an important part of both extending the life of your carpet and maintaining the health of your home.

The truth is that a carpet is easily prone to collecting contaminants, pollutants, allergens and food and drink spills which may cause deep stains and odours.

Nathan Garnett, Event Director at Media 10, which runs the show, said: “The UK’s construction industry is more topical than ever.