Sheypuk won, and it led to her getting some of the first runway modeling jobs for people with disabilities.“The dating part is why I wanted to come tonight; I’d previously been to one about housing and I thought it was interesting.A Queens restaurant manager says former New York Giant Luke Petitgout punched him in the face after catching him on a date with his wife — whom he had met on an adult hookup site.

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“When I get nervous,” says a young woman named Rebecca, “I shut down.

I go blank.” She sits in a circle of 20 in a dance studio on the west side of Manhattan.

He had chatted with the New Jersey mother of three on the X-rated site using the name hardbod718 and the pair had exchanged nude photos, he testified.

After an hour of sipping cocktails, Petitgout “came from behind and sucker-punched me,” he testified.

She has long wavy hair and a sweet face (although she tells me later that when she gets nervous, her eyebrows pull together of their own accord and make her look angry).

Despite being one of the youngest and one of the few women in the group, Rebecca quickly establishes herself among the most candid.“Are you aware your lawyer contacted a lawyer for Mr.Petitgout and demanded a certain sum of money to not cooperate with the District Attorney’s Office? “I don’t know exactly what he did,” Constantinides hedged. Prosecutor Carolina Nevin said Petitgout “walked into a bar and hit two people because he didn’t like what they were doing.” Petitgout faces up to 90 days in jail if convicted of attempted assault and harassment.By contrast, several other students fidget, stare at the floor, and admit nothing.Not all of tonight’s participants have been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder (SAD), but whether they’ll admit it aloud or not, they all know that they have something like it.The stayovers acts as a stopgap measure between casual dating and long-term commitments.