To capture a share of the budget market, many American manufacturers have a separate, more affordable line of guitars.

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We would love to help you find the right size, shape, features and price to fit your needs.

Guitars we stock at Mason Music in Birmingham, AL (click to see what is available in our online store): We now have Alvarez Ukuleles available for sale at each of our studios in Birmingham!

They are simply the best acoustic guitars for the beginning and intermediate guitar player.

There is absolutely nothing else in this price range that comes close in quality, sound, reliability, playability and appearance.

These are our ‘go-to’ acoustic guitar recommendation for all of our acoustic guitar and classical guitar students.

Come visit one of our studios, sit down and play one to see for yourself why we have named 3 of them the Best Acoustic Guitars for Under 0.

The Alvarez Artist Series AF30 Folk Acoustic Guitar is an entry point for the Artist Series.

This is a well-made instrument, delivering real value.

The tone of the instrument only improves significantly when the whole guitar is built correctly to really release the energy a solid soundboard can generate. Each model is designed to get the best out if its components, and for them to work together to produce a tone and player experience, rarely found in affordable instruments.

The sound is warm, open and powerful, and both the treble and bass registers are clearly present and balanced in relation to each other.

These guitars feel right and are exciting to play and responsive.