Not far from the surfer’s paradise of Hanalei, on Kauai’s north shore, grows a spice as golden as a Hawaiian sunrise that might just offer our bodies the same kind of healthy glow.

A word to the wise: this makes it way, way scarier than Tinder and yet somehow more exciting.

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But the very thing that makes turmeric so colorful -- a compound called curcumin -- is what some researchers say also makes it a powerful weapon against disease.

Biophysicist Ajay Goel has been studying its medicinal qualities at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

” Phil and his wife, Linda, bought a 45-acre farm over a decade ago. ”Curries Scattered to the wind, it’s a sacred part of Hindu ceremonies.

They had planned a semi-quiet retirement, until turmeric became one of the most talked-about new superfoods. It’s also been used as a dye for fabrics -- it’s even what gives mustard its bright, yellow hue.Specify your height, relationship level and a pic or two, and the app finds potential partners nearby without pinpointing a location.Once you’ve winked at someone and the feeling is mutual, the lines of communication are well and truly open.Shipping in the UK: £2.50 per order (Free shipping on all UK orders over £25)Shipping to the EU: £5.00 per order Shipping to Rest of the World: £10.00 per order Unfortunately due to unreliable postal service, we are no longer able to ship to Russia.Every effort is made to ensure that delivery is within a maximum of 7 working days for orders in the UK.Turmeric is not a root, but a rhizome, which means its stem is where all the good stuff is found.