It's a wild hypothesis that runs contrary to the conventional wisdom about how elections, and human beings, work.

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Why did Adams believe, against all conventional wisdom, that Trump would win?

His prediction had little to do with the mood of the electorate, the weak and fractured Republican field, or the issue of immigration.

Maybe Adams is right that the Trump candidacy will "change how we see the world, and how we see humans." Watch Adams below, and decide for yourself.

One of the questions I get most often is "What is your day like?

I wasn’t discouraged by failure—instead, from each experience, I made a point of developing skills and knowledge that would benefit me later.

Here is some of the important information that I have gained through trying, failing and succeeding… Traditional goals—such as losing 10 pounds—are demo­tivating because progress is slow.

I had decided to move from a small town in New York to California to look for a job.

On the plane, I was seated next to a man in his 60s who ran a manufacturing ­company.

The day I took my first magnesium supplements it solved 10 years of continuous sore knee problems. Don't get medical advice from cartoonists.) Answered e-mail from my real estate broker regarding some property I'm trying to sell. In an ironic Dilbert twist, the lawyers at Warner who are authorized to speak with us are apparently not willing or able to speak with anyone in their own company who can make the kind of decisions needed to finalize the contract. Interrupted by more e-mail about God's Debris and movie or mini series options AM Phone call with president of United Media about Dilbert movie contract situation.