The British Liver Trust’s campaign is visiting both towns to help raise awareness of all kinds of liver disease and to offer advice and screening to local people.Residents and local workers can take part by completing the Trust’s online liver health screening questionnaire, and those people who are found to be at risk of liver disease may have the opportunity to receive a free, non-invasive liver scan.

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ampaign is set to visit Bedford and Luton on 8 and 9 March.

Bedford has the highest premature death rate from liver disease in the East of England, the highest rate of hospital admissions due to the Hepatitis C virus and the highest number of deaths from obesity related liver disease according to the most recent Public Health England statistics.

But if your ultrasounds do pick up on anything, there are tests that’ll give you more certainty and help you decide how to move forwards.

And it’s completely up to you whether you choose to have them done or not. Here’s what they do and the order you’d have them in.

Having your first test is definitely nerve-racking, but the good news is you’ll go through the exact same procedure for your future ultrasounds.

You’ll lie down, then the sonographer will apply gel to your stomach to help the probe move over your skin.When the sonographer passes the probe across your stomach, the ultrasound waves it sends out are picked up on the screen. While it might not feel the most comfortable, having a full bladder will give you a much clearer picture.That’s what gives you that grainy but oh so exciting first glimpse at your child. We know how hard it is to even begin imagining your little one having any health problems.We believe that every woman needs a midwife but some may need a doctor too, which is why we offer two types or antenatal care – midwife led or consultant led.Your antenatal plan will be tailored to meet your individual needs.During your first appointment we will discuss screening blood tests as well as the routine booking blood tests available at our Trust with you.