My worst second date ever seemed so promising at the outset.

https:// The page is loaded with day-of-walk info, details on how to participate, and other great CHOC walk tidbits. - 5K walk through Disneyland® Park, Disney California Adventure® Park and Downtown Disney® District.

To join the CHOC Walk, just make an $85 donation that 100% benefits Children's Hospital of Orange County. - Minimum donation - $85 (ages 3 and older) - Walkers ages 2 and under FREE - CHOC Walk information booth will open at a.m. Participants needing assistance to main gate can utilize special marked vehicles provided by Disney®.

It was a brisk September evening, and I was already looking forward to splitting a slice of cheesecake over candlelight. Well, what we didn’t know when putting in the reservation was that a rehearsal dinner would be seated right next to us.

Fifteen rowdy people filled the night air with applause, clinking glasses, and overlapping voices.

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