It is not meant to save you or the world, and much of what I say may not appeal to you. It ALL works for me, IN THE REAL WORLD, and has been used over and over and over to get me laid. You don’t need to argue with any of it, unless of course you’re feeling insecure. I made the decision about two and a half years ago that I needed to get the area of my life ‘handled’ called ‘dealing with women.’ So I made a decision and a commitment to myself and my best friend that I would do whatever it took to learn and ‘figure this out.’ (Read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill Chapter #1 for more on this mindset).

I purposely go out and seek guys who are highly successful with women (from anywhere I can find them, not only those on the SS list by a long shot) and do my best to get them on the subscriber list.

And there are guys reading this who are staggeringly successful who I hope one day will do what “Sisonpyh” (hypnosis, backwards, by the way) has done here.

More than any other single contributor, I credit David De Angelo with having the most influence on my decision to become a professional dating coach.

Sure, I have lots of background in life coaching, but Double Your Dating was the first book I read when I got divorced nearly ten years ago, and it changed my life.

_____________________________________________ You may or may not have heard of Brad P..all the other Dating Gurus sure have.

He's been the most sough-after "secret weapon" in the dating community for the last two years.

It comes from one of my favorite brothers who has been on this list for ages but has never contributed before because he is insanely busy with his life.

And for those of you who have recently commented that those reading this list are on it because they don’t get laid, you are so off the mark that it isn’t funny.

Online, you’ll see it abbreviated CF, and its discussed on all the bulletin boards, and used, to varying degrees, by almost all pickup artists.

This is simply put, one of the most powerful tools ever created by any pick up artist.

Click here to discover dating secrets from David Dangelo De Angelo’s approach has broadened beyond it’s simple origins – Cocky and Funny is just one tool in his arsenal.