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The first of these events will take place in November at The Standard at Jackson Row. Read More Concertmaster Chat: Q&A with William Shaub This September, the KSO will welcome new Concertmaster William Shaub, who accepted the position in May after an audition and two guest appearances on the March and May Masterworks stage. The concertmaster also prepares bowings (making sure all the bows go in the same direction), helps to focus attention on different musical styles, and serves to communicate the artistic ideas of the conductor to the string section.

Crafted for your pleasure, one beer tasting from four local breweries will coincide with each of the four musical sets, all surrounding the theme of “creating” or “crafting.” Click here to find out more or invite your friends on Facebook. You COULD read his bio here, but it would be more fun to read the Q&A below and hear directly from our newest addition to the KSO family. Every once in a while, the concertmaster has a violin solo in a piece, but most of the time, I’m a member of the violin section.

I think that most people approach music like a hobby, a pastime, or an interest--and that is wonderful. But to be a classical musician and performer, we are as precise and serious as a brain surgeon.

We take brightening someone’s day with music very seriously.

Keep Calm: All tickets go on sale August 14 at 9 a.m. To me, serving as concertmaster means overseeing the overall orchestral sound with the intentions of the conductor in mind, and that means attentively listening to everybody’s part and not just my own.2.

Monday morning, both season and individual tickets to all KSO concerts will go on sale. Patrons can buy tickets to an entire series or one singular show. 14, handling fees will be waived for purchases made over the phone. During the week of August 14, patrons may purchase tickets to the KSO Season Opening Concert, Knoxville Postcards on Sept. This special ticket price includes seats anywhere in the Tennessee Theatre pending availability. What do you wish people knew about playing in an orchestra or being a full-time classical musician?

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Based on my experience with my own gun and what I have seen of friend's guns I have no doubt that my Citori will easily make 150k firings with nothing more than routine maintenance - meaning regular cleaning and occasional receiver tuneups, which are cheap and easy enough for any home gunsmith.