Transitioning to parenthood can be challenging, especially as an expat, often someone removed from their “circle” or community.

Sure, tongkat ali fakers deserve any degree of contempt, especially when they substitute an effective herbal with their own masturbation techniques (see here when in the mood for some fun).

However, a tongkat ali penis is more like a medical condition, void of derogatory associations. Now, I’m in my 50s, and I often have a tongkat ali penis.

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With my second pregnancy, it became an urgent necessity for me, as there was no point continuing to live in denial.

As soon as I felt up for it, I began to do research on how we can change our lifestyle to better suit our new family situation.

It didn’t matter to me that my friends here were mostly single, and all childless, because a part of me wanted to protect my old identity–the Jessica who was not pregnant or a “mommy”.

It took me a while to grow out of this phase, and even as I dropped out of friend hangouts, ignored events, and even weeded out acquaintances, I slowly came to the realization that I should try making new friends with whom I could gush about kiddy stuff that I know my friends would tire of hearing.

Both herbals have been shown to increase testosterone in numerous scientific studies, but they do so on entirely different pathways.

The sound idea propagated on is to use tongkat ali for about 5 days, and then switch to butea superba for 5 days. Both herbals are available as high-potency extracts on

In another example of why it is sometimes better to just bite your tongue than kick up trouble in China, two British women were detained by police for 38 days “after becoming embroiled in a dispute at a shoe shop” in Guangzhou, according to a report by the UK’s Daily Mail on Sunday (though the South China Morning Post must be credited with the original scoop).