Before becoming Miss July 2011, Jessa had some experience with .

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The squad preparing for their 4th season playing at a higher level.

Last week, the mother of Stephen Sutton, the 19-year-old who died from bowel cancer after raising millions of pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust, spoke of her anger that it took six months to diagnose his condition, despite his having three signs of cancer — pain, weight loss and fatigue — as well as a family history of Lynch Syndrome.

This genetic condition increases the risk of bowel cancer.

Despite a multitude of laws passed and millions of dollars spent on education and law enforcement, the problem stubbornly persists.

We created this memorial to put a face on the problem.

It's one thing to hear statistics about people dying; it's quite another to see the actual faces of some of the many victims and read their heartfelt stories.

We hope that it will drive the point home to those who might otherwise drink and drive.

Alfred Rothfuss - Vero Beach Florida - July 12, 2014 For years, I've seen stories on television and articles written talking about what the families of victems of drunk drivers go through. Austin Allen Ray Elliott, Doniphan MO , May 23rd 2014 My son was killed by his friend. Savanna Gonzales and Frankie Spenia III, Las Vegas, NV 02/05/14 Me and my family are in a time of despair.

A new beginning on Women’s Football East the first match report published straight to the website as it becomes the new home for the SWF Blog my other women’s football adventure moving here after 3 and a half season’s to better streamline my coverage of the game.

When after a few months, she also felt a golf ball-sized lump in her abdomen, she went to her GP.

He diagnosed piles and suggested that Katie, who is from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, should return for a check-up in a few months.‘The usual symptoms are rectal bleeding, a change in bowel habits — usually looser stools, though it could also cause constipation or needing to go to the toilet more frequently — abdominal discomfort and anaemia.’He says that if any bleeding is accompanied by a change in bowel habits, or if any other signs persist for several months, then a ‘full clinical assessment’ should be carried out, including a colonoscopy — where a tiny camera is inserted into the colon.

Her hobbies growing up included dance and cheerleading.