Even the term "layering" is often misunderstood by hairdressers and hair consumers alike.

This article was written to share hair secrets about what hair layering really is and tips on how to acquire the layered hairstyle of your dreams.

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Her penchant for giant diamond studs — whether they’re real or not — is the icing on the Kimmie cake.2. “I thought she was so beautiful and I really wanted to be like her,” Claire explained.

Kamilla Osman" data-reactid="67"Last December, Canadian fashion blogger Kamilla Osman gained fame for her notable resemblance to the reality star. (Hey, getting your lips “done” when you’re barely old enough to drive is very Kardashian! “I thought she was so beautiful and I really wanted to be like her,” Claire explained." data-reactid="129"“When I get my Kimmy on I feel like I’m unstoppable,“ the England resident told ITV’s This Morning radio show. Claire revealed that while growing up she was told she was "the ugliest thing alive” and that she “should kill” herself. Since beginning her Kim-themed quest, Claire has had her breasts enhanced, her teeth whitened, countless spray tans, and even acquired a special butt pad to give her derriere a boost.

Quite simply, hair layering means the creation of variable lengths of strands throughout an established hair cut whether long, medium, short or mixed lengths.

Although there are multiple reasons for confusion about hair layering, the key confusion is not in the actual definition but is tied to the misinterpretation of the many different ways layering can be used to alter or enhance an existing hairstyle.

From her wide, heavily mascaraed eyes to her defined cheeks to her absolute mastery of that come-hither stare, she ticks all of the key Kardashian boxes.(Photo: Instagram)And remember when Kim went through that all-neutrals phase while pregnant with baby Saint?

Sonia seems to have nailed that too (the all-neutrals part, not the being pregnant part).Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the Kimmiest of them all?It seems that each new day brings with it a new Kim Kardashian look-alike.She just debuted her digital EP, “Shake the World,” which is a follow-up to her You Tube hit, “Dance Floor.” “It’s a really fun, dance-pop song,” Molinaro says of “Shake the World,” which is now available on i Tunes. Reggie began dating Lilit, who looks almost identical to Kim, over a year ago."I'm very excited. It's our first one and couldn't have come at a better time," he shared on his blog in April. Reggie dated Kim on and off for several years before ending their relationship in March 2010.Reggie Bush is reportedly dating musician Melissa Molinaro, who has a more-than passing resemblance to Reggie's ex, Kim Kardashian.