The couple stayed together for four years and, ended up with a divorce.

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In fact, he was with Kourtney the night of Kim Kardashian's terrifying robbery.

"He was really helpful and supportive during that time," the source adding, noting that they've been seeing each other ever since."Kourtney really likes him and will text him to meet up whenever she has time without her kids," our insider said.

She blasted him over his song Theraflu in which West disses Humphries, rapping: 'And I admit I fell in love with Kim...

So, by the age of 35, how many men do you think you will be dating or have dated? Over and above that, she doesn’t give a damn about what her haters have to say.

News can confirm the pair have definitely been seeing each other, though it's nothing super serious just yet.

Its been casual, but they are really getting to know each other and having fun."We're told the couple originally met during Paris Fashion Week in October.

Due to the sex tape leak, Kim got dumped by her then-boyfriend Nick Canon.

She had to face harsh taunts from the media who defined her current fame and success as a result of that sex-tape leak.

But, the marriage had definitely got Kim great additions to her net worth.