Today the government is strengthening the Uzbek group identity, to prevent the splintering seen in other multiethnic states.Some people have assimilated with seemingly little concern.

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Murray’s assertions flew in the face of news reports that U. intelligence agencies believed the Russian government had been involved in the hacking of e-mails from DNC members as well as Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. In his end-of-year press conference held on 16 December 2016, President Barack Obama reiterated intelligence claims that the Russians hacked the DNC’s information systems and went on to say: I’d make a larger point, which is, not much happens in Russia without Vladimir Putin. Last I checked, there’s not a lot of debate and democratic deliberation, particularly when it comes to policies directed at the United States.

The intelligence community has been telling reporters that Russian operatives hacked e-mails and released them via Wikileaks: CIA and FBI officials do not think Russia had a “single purpose” by intervening during the presidential campaign. No one has yet identified exactly who obtained the DNC e-mails published by Wiki Leaks during run up to the 2016 U. We have said and I will confirm that this happened at the highest levels of the Russian government and I will let you make that determination as to whether there are high-level Russian officials who go off rogue and decide to tamper with the U. election process without Vladimir Putin knowing about it.

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Many Tajiks consider themselves Uzbek, though they retain the Tajik language; this may be because they have long shared an urban lifestyle, which was more of a bond than ethnic labels. Many Qipchaqs eschew intermarriage, live a nomadic lifestyle, and identify more closely with the Kyrgyz who live across the border from them.

The Khojas also avoid intermarriage, and despite speaking several languages, have retained a sense of unity.

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This country fuses so many different influences – though the official language Uzbek is a Turkic language (related to Turkish, yes, but also Kazakh and Siberian dialects) everyone also speaks Russian, the food is a mixture of arabic, turkish and russian cuisine, as is the architecture, and Tashkent’s inhabitants descend from Uzbeks, Russians, Koreans, and Europeans.