The loss for Britain came as it begins negotiations to leave the European Union, and there was a lack of support for the UK from the 27 other EU members.

Cyprus voted in favour of the court referral and 22 EU nations, including Germany, France and Italy abstained.

As share prices plunged dramatically across the globe and the pound sterling reached a 30-year low last Friday 24 June, the world was made brutally aware of the results of the so-called "Brexit" referendum whereby the United Kingdom (UK) decided by a small majority of 51.9% to leave the European Union (EU).

The next step in the formal process to withdraw from the EU would be for the UK government to serve notice on the EU under article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (the "EU Treaty").

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The EU Treaty provides for a period of 2 years during which the terms of exit would be negotiated between the UK and the UK, unless a different date is agreed.

Mauritius has a number of treaties in place with the UK and a large number of them predate 1973 when the UK became a full-fledged number of the European Economic Community.She was returning from a trip Her previous excursions in la République de Maurice have including cradling white lion cubs at a wildlife park near the capital city of Port Louis a couple of days past.She's been joined on this trip by her friend Brandi Howe, a model.He said British Foreign Office memos from 19 reveal "shocking truths" of how the UK sought to present the United Nations with a fait acompli in "the dismemberment" of the Chagos islands and the eviction of the people living there.British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said the United Kingdom remains confident of its sovereignty over the islands, which it renamed the British Indian Ocean Territory after the 1965 agreement with authorities in Mauritius.He said the UK agreed at that time to return sovereignty to Mauritius whenever the archipelago was no longer needed for military purposes.