Whereas the younger guy has all this in front of him.

So Mr Young is gonna have to fit into Mr Middle-Aged's life - it's not going to happen the other way around.

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It seems to be something that many of my contemporaries are into.

And let's be clear - it's perfectly normal to be attracted to a much older guy - it doesn't mean you have unresolved dad issues or anything. So I've done a very unscientific survey of some fellas, and here's what I found. They might say "age ain't nothing but a number", but there's more to it than that.

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"Midsommar" (Midsummer) is celebrated in many parts of the world as the longest day of the year.

In the northern parts of Sweden, the sun actually never sets and there is daylight both night and day.

Time went by and thousands of single gay guys signed up.

Watching the Commons debate last night, and then seeing the results come in was tantalising, breathtaking, incredible.

Maybe so, but we can't deny that the PMs unwavering support for equal marriage, first out-of-church, and then in-church, has been key to pushing this through.

Also Boris Johnson showed leadership "Just whack it through", he said.

The club is ideal for Unattached People, we know how difficult it is to walk into somewhere alone, at Stepping Stones there is a friendly face on the door so come along, say hello and we’ll make sure you are made welcome.