However, there is no info whether these two actors hooked up right after filming or in a later encounter. Another thing is would even Aragaki's agency allow her to date ? The movie was based on a popular mobile phone novel, which became a box office hit of 3.9 billion yen. Aragaki was relatively new to the acting industry, and Miura would give her acting tips and encourage her through phone and email. For every rumor about a couple in Japan there's a bunch of blogs and websites that pretend to have pictures of the couple and when you click it you just get porn.22 and 20 are fairly average ages for couples to even consider co-habitation, and considering the amount of couple in that age range going off to get MARRIED, co-habitating at this age doesn't surprise me at all.i would totally like it if it was true and support them forever ♥ so cute HOWEVER, the pictures don't really say anything, leaving and entering an apartment together doesn't mean being in a relationship, since they are close they could be just hanging out together etc. the 2nd photo is from Ai Takahashi scandal, the girl in the photo, if you search a bigger photo, is morning musume leader. ¿ O_O Ir4-84_ok/SI always love Gakky x Miura combi... How can you possibly determine that it's them from those tiny and low resolution photograph? why would they bother kissing infront of their apartment when they can just do EVERYTHING inside?

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Hmmm, maybe you should watch HT DVD in which he went to New York with Satou Takeru?

I initially wasn't interested in him either, but after watching him in varieties I got interested.

He is now in an alleged relationship with world famous dancer and choreographer, Koharu Sugawara.

According to sources, the two reportedly started dating recently.

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Rumors of Haruma Miura (20) and Yui Aragaki (22) living together in the luxury apartments of downtown Tokyo has been circulating in the Japanese media since 2009, ever since it was hinted in a show called "Sunday Japan" by Dave Spector: "Okinawa-born actress/singer A. At the time, Aragaki's agent had refused the rumors, but Miura's agent could not be contacted. She's immensly popular because of her sweet and innocent image and dating might destroy that which would lead to loosing fans.

She travels to different countries, teaching dance and participating in dance workshops.

She’s performed for acts such as Rihanna, SMAP, EXILE and Namie Amuro.

Aragaki expanded her modeling career into gravure in 2004.