Modern navigation apps have become pretty advanced, unless you need to stop along the way.

An approach would be to configure /usr/lib/sasl2/with: pwcheck_method: saslauthd mech_list: plain login gssapi external auto_transition: yes auxprop_plugin: slapd You could run saslauthd with the ldap backend (with a non-sasl configuration), or run it with the pam backend, and configure an nss plugin to, in turn, retrieve the hashed passwords from ldap.

That would get you a step closer, at which point you could generate your kerberos keys from the clear text passwords you've just stored in user Password.

Double is a new location-based dating app for double dates – where you and a friend go on a date as a foursome.

I’m originally from the US, but my co-founders Ben Greenock and Gary Mac Donough both have roots in Scotland.

[fimage] These days, almost everybody who wants to improve his dating-life is seeking help from a PUA or pickup artists, as they are known for their great body language, excellent communication skills, and charm that simply drives women crazy.

Though there has been a significant upsurge in the number of pickup artists in the recent years, but some of them have really made big in this field, Nick Kho also known as Papa, is one of them.

Papa grew up in the state capital of California, i.e. Working out, driving his BMW, reading, and skiing are some of his favorite hobbies.

Nick Kho started his journey in the field of pick up artists as one of Mystery’s students.

So, it clearly hints towards the fact that Papa or Nick Kho has always been a keen learner and observer of minute things.

It is essential to mention that Nick Kho has always been close to Tyler Durden, and their partnership flourished to form a new PUA company, known as Real Social Dynamics.

A simpler approach, and one that works with non-SASL binds, would be to configure pass-through authentication and perform saslauthd/kerberos5 authentication.