As we now know, the church habitually moved predatory priests from one parish to another and covered up cases, instead of caring for the church’s children.

But Cesnik’s murder and the abuse at Keough happened during the 1960s, when victims had fewer resources than they do today and were up against a powerful entity at a time when publicizing accusations against that entity would have been met with much more scrutiny in the public eye.

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Here are the major components of the documentary series, where the case stands, and why it ultimately might not matter that it doesn’t find Cesnik’s killer.

Sister Cathy Cesnik’s disappearance and murder remain an unsolved mystery.

tells a chilling story: The new true crime docuseries posits that the unsolved murder of a Baltimore nun might actually be part of an elaborate a cover-up by the Catholic Church.

Over seven episodes, it theorizes that the nun, Sister Catherine “Cathy” Cesnik, was killed because she threatened to reveal rampant sexual abuse going on at the Archbishop Keough High School for girls.

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