Spend less time managing file transfers and more time coding.FTP, FTPS and SFTP support for Sublime Text 2 & 3 that is blazing fast, with smart features, flexible workflow options and top-notch support.

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OS Integration A truly good Mac citizen : Full support for Quick Look with local and remote previews and document icons, Apple Script-able and recordable for automation, Full Screen mode browsing, Bonjour zero config setup, FSEvents-driven local views, App Nap compliant, Developer ID code signed direct-buy or App Store versions, and more.

Turbo-charged Transfers Yummy FTP Pros highly tuned, multi-threaded, transfer engine features a built-in 'turbo' mode which automatically maintains several simultaneous connections to the server to maximise the use of available bandwidth and reduce latency. Automatic Reconnect & Resume The fully automatic reconnect and resume feature ensures Yummy FTP Pro will always complete the task, whatever happens, by reconnecting and continuing broken transfers without any user interaction until the job is done.

When the file modification time changes, the file will be uploaded.

This was designed to be used with programs such as Live Reload and CSS compliers.

While other apps simply display an error message, Yummy FTP Pro takes appropriate action based on the actual message itself, which means you don't have to baby-sit your transfers : let the app do the work!

Advanced File & Directory Synchronisation Tools Yummy FTP Pro has file and directory synchronisation covered : two way Mirroring, one way updating (Mac to Server or Server to Mac), scheduled syncs to start at a later time or repeat daily, filtering to exclude/include items with a variety of criteria, or specifically exclude selected items, even a mode to preview the outcome of a sync in advance.

folder will have new options in the side bar context menu.

In addition, contained files will have new options in the editor context menu.

I often see people do scp mv traps to make sure that they can also behave well in error cases.