Thanks to a combination of college sports (the University of Wisconsin–Madison) and even more brutal bloodsports (state politics!

In an effort to combat these statistics, AARP California is …

— Did you know that only 31% of 4th graders in this country are able to read at a proficient level?

It’s almost impossible to say (or read in this case) Whitney’s name without thinking ‘Legacy.’ Today (August 9th) would have been the singer’s 53rd birthday and all around the world fans are showing their love and appreciation for all Ms. In that category of people include both rnb icons, Monica […]It’s not very often that you hear about someone physically abusing their significant other, only to turn around, long after and comment under their picture as if everything were ok.

Well, theres a first time for everything in the wonderful world of Hollywood.

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First, it's likely that the Games essentially outgrew their original California home.

Since the first Games at "The Ranch" in Aromas, California, 10 years ago, the Games have shuttled between Hermosa Beach (for aquatic events), Marine Corps Camp Pendleton (for trail runs), and its "main" venue, the Stub Hub Center in Carson.

The constant relocation to separate venues—often in the middle of the Games—made for a challenge to the athletes, but it also removed the action from the main venue in Carson and limited fans' access to all the events.