He ruled the province of Mino from a base in the city of Gifu.

He defeated his old enemy Takeda at the subsequent battles of Asai, Asakura, and Nagashino.

"I thought, 'Wouldn't it be hilarious if we rented out a sleep-away camp and invited our friends,'" Tichauer said.

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He single-handedly punished all the platoons on parade ground for a long while, beating non compliers with a huge stick. Eventually, na we 'mammy crew' rescue the camp that day when we promised the guy any amount of beer he wanted from that day till the end of camp.

The driving from Gashaka to Gembu is very scary, the mountain and those monkeys, I always pray cos you can faint when you try to look back from the window.... I had to relocate cos of pressure from my popsy but I really miss Taraba. In the afternoon after church ended, lunch was rice and stew with FRIED CHICKEN(Omor!!! ) Although the stew wasnt as good as others they've cooked but the chicken covered every fault. After i ate dinner, i heard that OBS organized a welcome party for corpers (welcome party kwa??!! Anyways i carry my two left legs to the hall, found a bench and yanshed down. Finally when party decided to start the first performer was called. The Dj played man down by rihanna with the lyrics playing loud while she murmured in the background(for the girl mind we be fools ). The same guys who hailed him when he entered the stage were the first to sing, "rain rain go away, come again another day". As we dey peacefully boo the guy, the NYSC state coordinator entered(for my mind wettin this wan dey find for here , abi he miss road? He said we should keep quiet that he wanted to talk to us. Dem still dey make noise for the other corner of the hall.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / NYSC / My NYSC Experience At Taraba Camp, Batch A, Stream 2, 2016. There is an armored military cantonment in Serti with tons of those military guys. I had to chill at Wukari for 4 days with my Camp GF before traveling to Gembu after that 3weeks ORT. The day started out so perfect but ended in the worst way ever.

(35002 Views) Lassa Fever: NYSC Fumigates Taraba Camp / My NYSC Experience In Kano State / Things Needed For Nysc Orientation Camp (batch B) (1) (2) (3) (4) nas00: You probably chilled at Serti, a town within Gashaka L. The interesting thing I noticed about the North is that uniformed men (police, army, NSCDC etc) were usually very friendly towards civilians, unlike in the South-West, where I came from. Lol Yeah yeah, Serti cos I remember one of the Army guys drop me at the Serti car park where i board the bus back to Jalingo. From the beginning, i slept like never before(no waking up early,no parade, no nothing). I slept till 8am, something i hadnt done in a very long time and it really felt good. Wettin this man com find for here now The state coordinator started talking.

GANGNAMCORE 3 (& KNUCKLES) is the latest entry in the legendary, sexy, and stylish GANGNAMCORE saga, a series of collaberative albums where 40 people got together to create over a hundred PSY remixes to celebrate Gangnam Style's anniversary.

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No more worrying about "getting dressed up and looking attractive" before going out on the town, said Gibbons.

For 5 they can socialize in a relaxed setting where they can "have fun and act like they're 15 again for just a couple days." When Gibbons got the idea to start Camp Throwback three years ago, she met some resistance.

Here's some free downloads from: Mega: [MP3] [FLAC] These are the sexy ladies and mother father gentlemen who contributed to GANGNAMCORE 3(& KNUCKLES) If you liked their submissions, please check out their other content too! list=PL5o LQmm Hwx Z1F21eh Qgir0G1ab SOXlc3h 600billionlazer Aron Eric: Aaron Ahmaykmewsik Akfamilyhome: twitter.com/akfamilyhomeak soundcloud.com/akfamilyhome2 akfamilyhome.Alamak: soundcloud.com/ala-mak steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198082596060/ Al Wikowonkavitz: soundcloud.com/alwikowonkavitz android52: soundcloud.com/android52 Anonymous User APIECEOFONION: soundcloud.com/apieceofonion twitter.com/Onionpeelings Aquacycle: aquacycle.Arthur The Bootleg twitter.com/Arthur Da Bootleg arthurthebootleg.sowndhaus.com/index.php?