The new features are rolling out to all users today and tomorrow on i OS and Android, and the holiday effects should be available for everyone by December 21st.Tech Crunch got a deep look inside the creation of the new Messenger camera, speaking with execs and artists to learn why and how the texting app is redefining itself in the age of chat via images.A sea squirt that sparked a forensic examination due to its gruesome severed finger appearance has been cleaned up at its new home inside a Darwin museum.

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You can just swing it around to access things, even on the move.

This is especially useful during photographic expeditions.

This camera is a swipe away or tap away at all times, living a layer beneath the rest of Messenger.

“A lot more conversations are starting from photos,” Facebook’s head of Messenger David Marcus tells me. “We wanted to make sure we could be a first-class citizen when it comes to visual messaging, and naturally for that you need a good camera.” Indeed, 2.5 billion photos, videos, emoji and stickers are already sent each day on Messenger, now that emergent behavior is getting the product support it deserves.

It takes anything you type, then programmatically spawns art that blows up those words in goofy fonts that you can splash atop your imagery.

That’s Facebook Messenger’s strategy to steal the visual communication crown from Snapchat, thanks to its new camera feature that rolls out today. Messenger’s camera can make an infinite number of overlaid graphics to jazz up your photos and videos.

After Patch 1.0.4, Squirt had heard that many people bought potions at the Hidden Camp, so she moved up there.

As of patch 1.0.6, Squirt the Peddler has also been found just NE of the waypoint in the hidden camp, and is the best vendor to sell all the trash acquired in Act II to.

At the time, pathology concluded the item was some sort of plant, and it was donated to the MAGNT for further analysis.

A police photo then posted on social media fuelled further speculation that the item was a piece of coral called Alcyonium digitatum, otherwise known as dead man's finger.

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