Upgrading your PS3 drive will not void the warranty.

I recently bought a new PS3 Super Slim – the latest model – but it only came with a measly 12 GB flash storage.

Despite all the controversy surrounding DRM, digital game downloads have finally arrived too – nowadays, you can download premium AAA titles on launch day without having to wait for a piece of plastic to arrive in the mail.

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I could have purchased the one that came with a 500 GB drive – but that was another $80, a waste given that I have a few 2.5-inch SATA drives sitting at home from past projects.

It must be said that if you don’t already have a spare drive you’re looking to use, you’re not going to save any by going the DIY route if you’re buying a new console.

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So, these are some top best tips and tricky methods to get quickly rid out of this Your Connection is not Private NET:: If you are facing this Your Connection is not Private NET:: ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID Chrome Windows PC Error code problem or any problem while fixing it, then comment down the problem below so that we can fix it too by our tricky method solutions.I recently attempted to update my PS3 to the latest version as required by sony for online blahblah.The update failed and now I receive error code 8002F147.Messing around with your Play Station, something can always go wrong. When you're on the web and you're looking to browse videos, you go to...A nephew deletes the account on your Play Station 3, or your hard drive fails and is corrupted (might be a good time to upgrade your HDDThe days of having a slot-in memory cartridge are far gone - a few hundred gigabytes would be modest by today's standards. Luckily, Sony made it really easy and user-serviceable to upgrade the... But if you didn’t, the hindsight will do you little good. Another place with a lot of save games is The Tech Game, although you have to sign up for an account before you’re able to download files.They are signed with a key from your Play Station, like a certificate of identification.