Police have busted a sex ring operating via social media app We Chat.The going rate for “sexual favors” ranged between RM150 and RM200, about US-, per hour from a range of foreign guest relation officers (GROs) that customers could chose while waiting at one of the seven Johor outlets raided.

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The very numerous ways to interact with friends can be counted as one of the reasons for We Chat‘s enduring popularity against competitors such as Whats App, which is second only to Skype in overall popularity when it comes to calling and messaging applications.

Finding and adding friends on We Chat, however, may not be so obvious, especially to new users. You can search for friends by looking up their We Chat IDs or their phone numbers directly, or you can link your phone address book to let We Chat find your friends for you with Recommended.

Disclaimer: You'll have to either know a little bit of Chinese or have a friend who can read characters to access this function.

Go to , and you'll be able to select from a wide range of bill types.

Dozens of college students were offering sex service and the prices ranged from RM150 to RM300.

Areas like Cheng and Ayer Keroh had the highest number of those offering their services online.

MALACCA: All we had to do was search the “people nearby” function in the We Chat mobile phone application.

Surprisingly, profile names sprang up, without pictures but all offering sexual services.

, took place Wednesday, and saw so-called foot reflexology and beauty parlors busted for providing, ah “extra” services.